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Feature Description Investment
  • Industrial, broadcast 3-chip digital 1920x1080 cameras or similar DSLR.
  • 4K video is NOW available!!
  • Professional wireless microphones
  • Discrete, adjustable lighting is used, only when necessary and never during your ceremony
  • Separate, definable audio tracts make audio corrections easy.
  • 1920x1080 HD coverage is now available on USB drives
  • Only the highest quality, highest compatibility, printable DVD-R discs used. (these are not even available inmost retail stores)
  • Direct to disc printing means no labels to come off your disc, un balance your disc or degrade the information on your disc, destroying your memories!
  • Full color, custom disc printing is personalized just for you.
  • Full color, fully customized disc sleeve and album case is also included. (Not a jewel case)
  • Custom Chapter stops are carefully added to easily access each important moment effortlessly.
"Simplicity" editing Included
  • Edited on the spot, in camera on location.
  • Skillful videographers plan and prepare for each scene. Extra preparation and attention to detail is crucial and delivered with confidence
  • Up to a 2 hours are recorded, encoded and authored to custom chaptered DVD for you.
$120 per hour
(5 hour min.)
"Contemporary” editing Included
  • Fully edited DVD up to 2 hours in length
  • HD is available on USB drives.
  • Audio mixing, fading and editing perfectly compliment background music added from your favorite, supplied mp3 files
  • Video effects, such as, fades, dissolves and wipes are used tastefully, when needed.
  • An exclusive, award winning opening sequence, set to music begins your video which is set to music.
  • A specific closing sequence is also planned for, recorded and skillfully edited for the perfect finishing touch to your personalized wedding production.

$160 per hour
(5 hour min.)
"Royal" Editing Included
  • Affordable Opulence!
  • Edited into a wonderfully polished 40-60 minute .
  • This style of editing creates the illusion of two camera coverage. We are able to fade between the scenes without the added expense of a second camera.
  • This fresh alternative offers no added noise or loss of picture quality. Sensational HD images can even look better than the original!
  • Extra effects and filters offer you the added look and feel of a higher end production, such as black and white, slow motion, soft focus and so on.

$200 per hour
(6 hour min.)
“Signature” editing included,
$300 per hour
(8 hour min.)
  • 4K Video with 2 or 3 cameras! (depends on location)
  • FOUR times the quality of typical 1920x1080HD
  • 1080 HD may be substituted if your prefer.
  • Our award winning editing master will combine your two favorite songs, along with actual audio from your toasts, speeches, vows and more.
  • Your final polished wedding production will be in eye popping 4k quality!
  • All of your complete, uncut vows, toasts and your 1st dance is also included on separate files.
  • ALL your uncut, original footage is also available.
$300 per hour.
(8 hr. min.)
Added Savings
  • Save at least $100 off ANY video package when you also reserve our photography services.

at least $100  discount
More Savings
  • Save an additional $100 off any November - April wedding. 
Off peak $100 -$200 additional discount